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Robust growth of world economy significantly outlines the trend of globalization. Convenient location and quickly developing infrastructure in Poland make that the amount of warehouse investments with a strategic meaning for the whole regions of our country is constantly increasing.

One establishes also foundations of logistic systems encompassing regions, countries, continents and market of logistic services which quickly adapts to European standards, what is mainly influenced by a dynamic economic development of our country, what results in the fact that the number of investments implemented in this sector is increasing year by year.

Very good demand and supply results and the lowest since years vacancy rate by stable rent rates is a picture of warehouse sector in 2015. A record transactions volume from 2014 was beaten. In the previous year one rented a total surface of 2.53 mln sq.m., of which above 60% constituted new rent agreements.

Strong tenant’s activity had also an impact on developers’ activities who put into operation 920 thousand of sq.m. High dynamics of demand is the result of low vacancy level, which, at the end of the year, amounted to 4.8% and was lower by 5 percentage points in comparison to the previous year. As it stems out from the report compiled by AXI IMMO, high activity on rent market exerted also a positive influence on the investment market.

Total value of transactions on investment market in 2015 exceeded EUR 4.1 bln, of which nearly EUR 470 mln fell on the warehouse sector. Polish logistic sector was among the ten best, quickest logistic markets in Europe. We observe high market liquidity, where also value-added products with a potential for development and their value enhancement, are purchased. Polish warehouse market, due to its scale and scope of activity, will remain the key investment market for the larger number of institutional investors. Return rates in warehouse market, compared with other sectors of commercial real estates, continue to be the highest and maintain on the level from 7.0 to 7.5%.

Throughout the whole 2015 one rented 2.53 mln sq.m, of which above 60% formed rent agreements and expansions. This is a result which is nearly by 1 mln sq.m higher in comparision with 2014. Great demand results appear to be the fruits of good economic situation , high dynamics in e-commerce sale channel and increased production of companies present in Poland. The highest demand was recorded in the region of Warsaw (660 thousand of sq.m), subsequently in Central Poland (540 thousand of sq.m). The largest share of new rent agreements was observed in the vicinity of Warsaw.

However, the biggest transactions were held in Central Poland. Apart from dominant warehouse regions in the country, it is worth noting a considerably high demand in smaller regions and in locations, such as Lublin, Rzeszów or Bydgoszcz, which came into being on the Poland’s warehouse map in 2015. In these 3 regions one rented a total surface of 257 thousand sq.m.

High tenant’s activity and developed real estate operation on main markets remains constant from the beginning of 2016.

In the first half of this year the the supply level of warehouse space amounted to nearly 660 thousand sq.m, what constitutes the 35% growth comparing to the previous year. What is more, transaction volume in analysed period exceeded 1.4 mln sq.m of the rented warehouse space and it was higher by 8% from the demand level recorded in the first half of 2015 – it stems out from the report of Colliers International "Market Insights. Warehouse market – first half of 2016."

Situation in the warehouse sector and prognosis for this sector as well as the legal and economical situation of Poland confirm the legitimacy of the implementation of projects covered by key investment areas of Green Way Fizan.





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